Vegetarian Challenge

So I’m one of those people that will watch a documentary and suddenly I need to revamp my entire life to whatever the documentary is suggesting. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m very moved by the effort and messages that many documentaries convey. The first documentary that I watched that CHANGED MY LIFE, was An Inconvenient Truth.  After that I’ve just continued to be very enthusiastic about documentaries. Many documentaries help me to live more intentionally and encourage me to  put forth an effort to enhance the longevity of my life.


My most recent obsession is watching real food documentaries. The two that I’ve watched most recently that have made a huge impact on me are Forks over knives and Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead.


I’ve always been an advocate for real food life and really trying to concentrate on making smart choices for my family, but these two documentaries are eye opening and get you thinking.


Forks over knives talks about how animal protein impacts our health and really focuses on a vegan lifestyle. Fat, sick, and nearly dead focuses on how healthy juicing is and really how important micronutrients are to our body. While making the lifestyle change to become vegan is something that I’m not ready to make at this stage in my life, my family has made a lot of changes.


One change that I’ve put a lot of effort into is focusing on making more vegetarian meals for my family. When I say vegetarian meals, I mean with no meat products. We still eat dairy (usually organic), although my husband actually prefers soy milk to cow’s milk.


By cutting down on the amount meat we consume as a whole family we are cutting down on fats, cholesterol, and also saving money on our groceries. Since most of the meat that we do get is from a local farm, this actually helps a lot since it more expensive than buying at the grocery store. I also feel okay with consuming a moderate amount of animal protein because I know where it comes from and the animals are treated very well, and also antibiotics or hormones are not given to the animals.


 This Is Liam at the farm in front of the heritage breed tamworth pigs that we buy! As you can see, very happy, and also enjoying Liam’s company!



We’ve made a conscious effort to make 1-3 vegetarian meals a week depending on the week. Sometimes it’s only 1, sometimes it can be 3. For example, this week I think I had 3 vegetarian meals planned.


Since I don’t have that many vegetarian meals up my sleeve I usually have to try new recipes often. Some work, some don’t. This week I tried Blue cheese polenta with vegetables. It was delicious. I am a polenta lover though. My husband doesn’t love polenta nearly as much as I do so he liked it, but didn’t love it. For the recipe click the link above. This meal was really easy, and quick and gave us plenty of leftovers as well.



Are you vegetarian or vegan? Do you make an effort to try vegetarian meals at your house? I would love to hear what some of your favorite vegetarian meals are! If  not, I Challenge you to try and some vegetarian meals to your plans and see how you like it!