Oil Cleansing Method-No More Soap!



Have you ever heard to oil cleansing? I hadn’t either until I read another blog post about it. Basically it is a method of facial cleansing that involves using a mixture of oils based on your specific skin needs, instead of your basic buy at the store soap. This is not a post on all the ins and outs of oil cleansing. It’s just about my own experience. It has been working for me and I love it!


So I am not an expert on why or how this type of cleansing works, I just know that it does. From what I’ve read about oil cleansing, thy way it works is based on the idea that like dissolves like, so the oil is absorbing all of the yucky stuff and you wipe that away leaving your face clean and moisturized.I’ve learned that using regular store bought facial soaps on your skin is just stripping away the oils from your skin and leaving your skin in a constant state of trying to repair itself.


Oil cleansing is safe, natural and there are no harmful chemicals involved. You can mix them yourself if your feeling adventurous or you can buy online at many different sites, including some etsy shops.


My cousin mixed up my first batch for me. She is the one who originally peaked my interest with this blog post.


Here are the goodies that my cousin sent me!


The basic ingredients in my oil cleanser are a combination of castor oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, tamanu oil and grape seed oil. She added a few drops of tea tree, just to help with breakouts.


My cousin also mixed me two different moisturizing oils. The one that I prefer is a mixture of grape seed, geranium and carrot seed oils with lavender.


So here’s my basic skin regimen.


*I cleanse with oil anytime I’m washing makeup off of my face. The oil does an excellent job of removing makeup completely.


*When I shower, I cleanse with raw honey. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but it is AMAZING. I keep a small jar of raw honey in the shower and just use it like normal face wash. It has a natural gritty texture to it so it is also exfoliating. My skin feels so refreshed after. Honey also has natural antibacterial properties to it. Read more about raw honey cleansing here!


*Lastly, I use the oil moisturizer after either type of cleansing. After just cleansing though my skin feels so hydrated that I almost don’t even need to moisturize, but I still do it anyway.



I started this regimen in about 6 months ago, and my skin has never been more clear, moisturized, and soft. When I was pregnant, people kept commenting on how I had this pregnancy glow thing going on, but I honestly attributed it the oil cleansing method. Now that I am about 13 weeks postpartum and my hormones are balancing back out, my skin is still clear and I haven’t seen any really negative changes. I used to have a bunch of blackheads on my nose that drove me crazy and even though I would constantly pick at them, they would come right back. UGH, frustrating. Well, since I started oil cleansing, they have significantly decreased and my pores have shrunk down quite a bit!! AWESOME, right?!

So there you have it, the oil cleansing method. I’m officially converted and if you are looking for a healthy alternative to store bought facial cleansers, you should definitely try this. Also if you are constantly having trouble managing your skin, it is totally worth trying something new. I am a strong believer that until you try something, you cannot possibly know if it is for you or not….so open yourself up, try something new and you just might be surprised!


Here are some great resource links if you want to purchase or make your own.


This is a great blog post explaining the ins and outs of oil cleansing!

Another great post about oil cleansing!

If you want to make your own.

Or if you want to buy online. I love this etsy shop!


I’d love to hear what you think about oil cleansing. Does is disturb you, or do you think it sounds totally rad?

I’d also love to hear what you think of the new site design. I’ve worked very hard and am planning a lot of fun new posts! Stay tuned!


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      No problem, you can ask away! I would like to know more about this online class you took, sounds interesting!