Fostering A Healthy Food Culture In Your Home

Growing up, I had the incredible privilege to be the daughter of a chef. My father’s passion for cooking and creating art in the kitchen was palpable by everyone who knew him. For as long as I can remember my sisters and I were right next to him learning about food, where it came from, […]

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Oil Cleansing Method-No More Soap!

  Have you ever heard to oil cleansing? I hadn’t either until I read another blog post about it. Basically it is a method of facial cleansing that involves using a mixture of oils based on your specific skin needs, instead of your basic buy at the store soap. This is not a post on […]


New Year, New Directions!

Happy 2014!  It’s new years eve and I am snuggled up on my couch with my hubby waiting to ring in the new year, and I was suddenly inspired to write a New Years post! BORING, I know. No partying for us this year. With a new baby in tow, and a potty training toddler, […]


I DID IT-My Healing VBAC story!

I DID IT! That was the first thing I said to my husband as I held my sweet baby boy in my arms for the first time. I successfully VBAC’d, and achieved what I have been dreaming about and praying for since the traumatic birth of my first son Liam. If you’ve followed my story then […]