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All Things Breastfeeding Podcast

  I am so proud to announce the debut of the All Things Breastfeeding Podcast. I am co-host, and producer of the show and I am so thrilled to share this with all of you! Here is a link so that you can listen to the podcast. It will be available very soon for download […]

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Tell me your VBAC story!

    Happy Thursday everyone! This is just a quick call to action post that I wanted to get out there in hopes of getting your help! I’m currently working on a special project and would love to hear from you! As many of you may know, since achieving a VBAC with my second son […]


Stitch Fix # 3 (November)

  Alright, so the holiday season took ahold of me, and I wasn’t able to post my third fix which was November’s fix. I am catching up now and including November now and  January in a second post to be released shortly after this one. (I did not schedule one for December). I’ll just jump […]


New Year, New Dreams-Welcome 2015

Well It is time for my annual New Year’s post. I didn’t realize that I now have a tradition of doing them until I looked back! I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog as of late. I have a few reasons for that and to be quite frank, it’s mostly because I’ve felt a little […]