Born In The Caul

Before having my most recent son Nolan, the phrase “born in the caul” had no meaning to me as I’m sure most of my readers may not have heard of it either. Maybe you have heard the phrase, born in a veil, or veiled baby. Well that is just another way of saying that a […]

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Fostering A Healthy Food Culture In Your Home

Growing up, I had the incredible privilege to be the daughter of a chef. My father’s passion for cooking and creating art in the kitchen was palpable by everyone who knew him. For as long as I can remember my sisters and I were right next to him learning about food, where it came from, […]


Oil Cleansing Method-No More Soap!

  Have you ever heard to oil cleansing? I hadn’t either until I read another blog post about it. Basically it is a method of facial cleansing that involves using a mixture of oils based on your specific skin needs, instead of your basic buy at the store soap. This is not a post on […]


New Year, New Directions!

Happy 2014!  It’s new years eve and I am snuggled up on my couch with my hubby waiting to ring in the new year, and I was suddenly inspired to write a New Years post! BORING, I know. No partying for us this year. With a new baby in tow, and a potty training toddler, […]